Keto is a Lifestyle 

Kori Robinson

Author & Keto Lifestyle Enthusiast 

Kori Robinson is a certified girl boss, and lover of all things organized. Kori now shares her experience within the keto lifestyle and uses it as a platform to help others. She currently offers weight loss consultation sessions and one-on-one keto coaching for those who are struggling with weight loss issues. She is a firm believer in consistency and dedication and she coaches her clients based on those ideals.

Outside of the Keto arena is the CEO of KR Event Planning Inc, a non profit professional, wife and mother. Her inspiration is Michelle Obama and she hustles like Beyoncé.

Purchase the Book                                          Ketoification: Navigating the Keto Lifestyle Like a Pro 

Book Excerpt: "I never really knew what healthy eating habits were and I most likely suffered from emotional eating due to the ups and downs of life. Additionally, I never had a role model when it came to living a healthier lifestyle despite the many ways food and nutrition played a role in my growing up. I was raised in a strict single parent household where meals were just thrown together with no thought about nutritional value. It was all grab-and-go or “figure it out." In school, everyone took nutrition and gym classes but I can’t remember any adults addressing their personal weight stories. In my culture, like others, major events such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers and even funerals are celebrated with food. In the neighborhood where I grew up, every major street corner had a fast food restaurant with greasy food for quick and cheap meals. Poor and minority neighborhoods have the crappiest food options and no options for healthy choices! We need to do better!" 

New Beginning Consultation 

During a one hour session we will uncover the habits and negative thoughts that is preventing you from a healthy relationship with food. 

1:1 Personal Coaching 

These plans offer one-on-one coaching program will get you in ketosis and provide you with the mental clarity you need to be successful.