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Struggling with obesity for most of her life, Kori Robinson finally had enough and decided to take control by undergoing bariatric surgery in 2017. After hitting a stall, regaining significant weight, she became captivated by the keto lifestyle where she personally thrives and continues to coach others.  Now in her debut book, Ketoification: Navigating the Keto Lifestyle Like a Pro, she gives you her road map for keto success.

Kori now shares her experience within the keto lifestyle and uses it as a platform to help others. She currently offers one-on-one keto coaching and consultation sessions for those who are struggling with weight loss issues. She is a firm believer in consistency and dedication and she coaches her clients based on those ideals.

Outside the world of keto, Kori advocates for youth through her nonprofit career and volunteer work. She is a Queens, New York native where she lives with her husband, two amazing children and a fur baby.

Latest Book 

Title: Ketoification: Navigating the Keto Lifestyle Like a Pro
Author: Kori Robinson 
Publication date: August 2020
Publisher: Pen.Publish.Profit
ISBN: Print ISBN 978-1-7352406-0-2  eBook ISBN

Retail price: $6.99-$11.99
Available In: ebook | trade paperback
Genre: Wellness/Health/Fitness/Self-Help