Struggling with obesity for most of her life, Kori Robinson finally had enough and decided to take control by undergoing bariatric surgery in 2017. After hitting a stall, regaining significant weight, she became captivated by the keto lifestyle where she personally thrives and continues to coach others.  Now in her debut book, Ketoification: Navigating the Keto Lifestyle Like a Pro, she gives you her road map for keto success.

Outside the world of keto, Kori advocates for youth development through her nonprofit career and volunteer work. She is a Queens, New York native where she lives with her husband, two amazing children and a fur baby.

  • Keto Weight Loss 40lbs
  • Normal Blood Pressure, No More Prescription Pills  
  • Water Retention/Swelling Gone     
  • Average Blood Sugar Range                                          
  •  Normal Appetite, No More Binge Eating      
  • More Energy, Less Stress and Normal Sleep