Kori Robinson Keto

Season to Re-Evaluate & Plan


It’s December and for me this is the season of re-evaluating and planning. We all know that 2020 has literally been the worst year ever, however I know there are still some wins out there.  I use the month of December look back at the goals I set for the year and see what my successes and challenges was. I hate to say failures, because everything happens for a reason and you can still reach your goals. It just takes a little tweaking.

So, did you lose the weight? Did you save the money? Go on the fabulous trip? Make a mend with that friend from way back when? This is the time to deep dive and really sit back and think about how your year went. Always start with the positives and then build off of the negatives.

Below are a few tips to get you on your way to a wonderful 2021.

List Your Successes

Even if you feel like you didn’t meet any of your original goals, I am sure you can find successes. Did you get a promotion? Start a family? Buy that bag you always wanted? Finally end that toxic relationship? Successes don’t have to be material and they don’t have to be big. They have to be YOURS and you have to be happy with them. That’s all that matters.

List Your Challenges & Plan

What are some of the things you planned to do that fell through? These challenges are what you are going to build your next set of goals off of.

We cannot change the past; all we can do is move forward. So, write down who and where you want to be this time next year. Yes! I said write it down. There is power in manifesting your goals in writing. I would even challenge you to create a vision board or use Pinterest. If you wanna be a bit extra, add photos! Go all out.

Here are some categories to consider when planning for the next year:

Health/Weight: Weight Loss, Off of Mediation, More Physically Active, Better Eating, Healthier Relationship w/Food, Cooking at Home

Finances/ Wealth: Pay off Bills/Loans, Savings Goals, Spending Habits, Monthly Budget , Shopping Limits/No Spend Periods, Save for Special Goal, Limiting Eating Out

Mental Health: Mediating, Pray, Limiting Technology/Social Media, More Self-Care, Daily Affirmations, Remove Toxic People, Journal

Personal/Social: Call or Text a Friend, Schedule a Date Night or Solo Outing, Leave Work on Time, Create a To-Do List, Meet a Friend for Dinner, Volunteer, Annual Vacation


If you haven’t heard the phrase “Smart Goals,” you’ve been living under a rock. Use this acronym to create your annual goals.  

Specific: Write the exact goal down, use details if necessary.

Measurable: How will you know you are making progress? Will you reevaluate midway?

Attainable: Can you reasonably accomplish this goal?

Relevant: Will this goal help you reach long-term objectives?

Time-based: How long realistically will it take you to complete your goal?

Following these tips will get you prepared for an amazing year! I truly wish you the best on your journey to a better you.