Kori Robinson Keto

Pour Me Some Holiday Cheer

First, are you 21 and over? I don’t condone underage drinking. If the answer is yes, please continue to the text below. If it’s no, please read one of my other posts.

So…are you confused by this title? Don’t be. When I first started keto, I was so scared to touch alcohol. I mean that’s not such a bad thing, but a social drink here and there hasn’t killed anyone. However, in the keto lifestyle one drink can be the difference of staying in ketosis or getting abruptly kicked out.

Cocktails and mixed drinks can have tons of sugars and carbs which is not permitted in the keto lifestyle. And the after effects can often be unpleasant; stomach ache, diarrhea, and insulin spike. Did I also mention regret? But have no fear! I have some recommendations for you to enjoy special occasions, guilt free. Notice I said special occasions and not the nightly half bottle of wine. Everything in moderation.

The key to drinking while in ketosis is choosing a dry, low carb wine (under 3 grams). This will also guarantee low residual sugars. The sweeter the wine the more carbs and sugars it will have. You also want to focus on an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 13% or less per bottle. This will keep you in good condition.

I know this sounds complicated but lucky for you I have done all the research. The following types of wines have 3 carbs or less per 5-ounce glass. If you noticed, most of these wines are white, which traditionally has less carbs.

·      Cabernet Sauvignon

·      Chardonnay

·      Pinot Noir

·      Sauvignon Blanc

If you are not really a wine drinker and you prefer the harder stuff below are a few no to low carb selections. These can be mixed with zero sugar or diet juices, diet sodas and seltzers to limit the carb and sugar intake but be careful and read the nutritional labels.

·      Gin

·      Whiskey

·      Tequila (my personal fav!)

·      Vodka

Now for the bad news. If you are like me and love the traditional holiday drinks such as Spiked Egg Nog, Coquito, Warm Apple Cider and Punch de Crème these are totally off the drink list. Unfortunately, these are yummy because they contain a lot sugar, carbs and milk-based ingredients.

Over the years the keto lifestyle has become more popular which has led to companies making products that are “keto-friendly” and keto has definitely made a mark on the liquor industry. Companies such as Becks, Budweiser, Coors and White Claw all have low carb, low sugar drink options. As always read the nutritional label on the packaging and drink moderately for the best results.

I hope this information eases your social drinking anxiety, especially around the holiday season, and provides you with a bit of useful knowledge. 

Until next time, cheers and drink responsibly!